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Wood Acoustik Pro
Thanks to the application of advanced technology and acoustic theory, the WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO range of timber acoustic panels has been developed. These panels are visually attractive due to the beauty of wood veneers as well as being easy to install. The panels decorate as well as provide a solution to reverberant noise levels inside buildings.

Since wood is a product of nature, the WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO range of acoustic panels creates a naturally aesthetic solution to noise control. The unique features of the wood panels give a warm organic appearance offering a finish to compliment every area. Surface choices include real wood veneers, wood print laminates and paint finished timber acoustic panels.

WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO panels are suitable for almost every application including use in schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theatres, offices and commercial buildings. WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO panels are exceptionally durable and abuse resistant making them particularly appropriate for areas that may require a high degree of impact resistance such as sports and recreation halls, police interview rooms, factories and workshops.
Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) Regulations require mandatory acoustic absorption in school teaching areas as well as hallways and stairs in residential flats. These can be achieved by the use of WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO acoustic panels.

Sports England requirements for noise reverberation time in sports halls are also met by fitting WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO acoustic panels.

WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO acoustic panels consist of a laminate finished surface, base core board and black acoustic fleece backing. The base core board is an 18mm thick MDF sheet with a finish laminated to its front face and black acoustic fleece adhered to its rear face. WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO acoustic panels are manufactured with a tongue and groove joint. Thanks to the precision of the tongue and groove a perfect finish is achieved when WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO is installed.

Face Patterns
There are two standard face patterns for WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO. One pattern is made up of a series of slats and the other pattern is made up of a series of round holes. Other face patterns are available upon request. Each panel has a machined tongue down one long edge and a machined groove down the other long edge. Each end is square edged.

Version : A - These have longitudinal grooves, 3mm wide, machined along the length of the panel. Version A has slots machined at every 32mm resulting in each slat being 29mm wide.



Version : B - Version B has slots machined at every 16mm resulting in each slat being 13mm wide.



Version : C - These have circular holes machined over the face of the panel. Version C has 6mm diameter holes.



Version : D - Version D has 3mm diameter holes. The centre-to-centre distance between the holes is 16mm.

Wood Acoustik Pro is available in three different finishes:

  • Real wood veneer
  • Printed wood veneer
  • Painted finish

Acoustic Performance
Wood Acoustik Pro is one of the most advanced and efficient absorbing products available today for reducing reverberant noise levels in many environments. Panels are normally fixed onto 50mm battens.
(insulation tested below is 50mm thick, 50Kg/m3 density. A small difference in density (e.g. +/- 10Kg/m3) will not make a difference in the overall absorption).

Version A : 32mm

Version B : 16mm





Version C : 6mm

Version D : 3mm

Technical Information

Standard Nominal Sizes (mm)




197 / 293 / 581


197 / 293 / 581


197 / 293 / 581


197 / 293 / 581

Fire Safety : WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO standard panels meet BS 476 Class 3 fire rating. If special fire treatment is required, the real wood veneered panels can be treated with proprietary Intumescent varnish therefore upgrading the timber panels to Class 1 or Class 0 Surface Spread of Flame rating. Please contact our technical department for further information and to ensure the correct specification can be supplied.

Weight : Nominal panel weight: 10kg/m2.

Maintenance : WOOD ACOUSTIK PRO panels are easy to maintain. The panels can be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners, which are suitable for wood veneers.

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