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What is sound masking and why is it used?

Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air conditioning-like background sound to an environment. Masking covers up or "masks" human speech and helps mitigate the distraction of other sounds, making an environment more comfortable, workers more productive and creating speech privacy.

Here's an analogy. Imagine that you are in a darkened room and a child is flicking a flashlight on and off. The light is noticeable and distracting. Now imagine, the lights are on. The same flashlight is being flicked on and off — but without notice— it has been "masked." This is how sound masking works.

Where is sound masking used?

Sound masking is used anywhere speech privacy or speech confidentiality is desired or required and in any workspace to reduce distractions and improve productivity. The most typical installations are open office plans, private offices, call centers and public spaces.

Open Office Plans
Open offices are often either too quiet—hearing the occasional pin drop breaks concentration—or too noisy, the conversations of co-workers are distracting and affect productivity.

Installing a Qt Quiet technology™-based sound masking system is the first and most cost-effective step to improving speech privacy in your open office and to creating a highly productive, open office work environment. Appropriate ceiling tiles and higher cubicle walls can further contribute to improved open office acoustics.

Private Offices
Private offices and other enclosed spaces, while appearing to provide privacy, often do not. Frequently the walls are of lightweight materials or extend only to the ceiling tiles and not all the way to the ceiling deck. Often these decisions are made for cost reasons and for flexibility of reconfiguring the office space.
Adding a Qt Quiet technology™-based system to a private office greatly improves speech privacy by rendering your private conversations completely unintelligible to listeners in the adjacent office, hallway or at the water cooler.

Public Spaces
Reception areas, pharmacies, waiting rooms, banks and public hallways next to private offices are all great candidates for sound masking systems. Without sound masking, your private conversations can be heard in the adjacent public spaces. Installing a sound masking Qt Quiet technology™-based system renders your private conversations unintelligible by nearby listeners, ensuring your privacy.

Installing a Qt Quiet technology™-based sound masking system is the most cost-effective way to guarantee speech privacy and comply with the speech privacy requirements of HIPAA and GLBA regulations.

Oasis Qt™ — a generation ahead in sound masking for the workplace

Oasis Qt™ is a plug & play, direct-field sound masking system suitable for applications that range from confidential speech privacy to enhancing workspace acoustics for improved comfort and productivity. Installation size ranges from small (under 50 square feet) to unlimited size.


  • Spaces: small (under 50 square feet) to those of unlimited size.
  • Standard applications: 8 to 13 foot suspended ceilings with any type of ceiling tile.
  • Open workspace: call centers & open office plans, for improved productivity and workplace comfort.
  • Private spaces adjacent to public spaces: pharmacy counters, bank teller windows, waiting rooms, hospital reception areas and clinics, to achieve normal speech privacy or confidential speech privacy and adherence to HIPAA and/or GLBA requirements.
  • Private offices: executive offices, counseling offices, law offices, medical examination rooms, human resource offices to achieve confidential speech privacy.
  • Extraordinary spaces: high ceiling, exposed beams, ceilings with no ceiling tiles or wooden, plasterboard or metal ceilings.

Control Module:

  • System can be set at one of two level ranges depending on application requirements. Within each range they can be set at 4 different volume levels.
  • Generates four channels of uncorrelated masking sound.
  • Each channel delivers up to .5 watts (SPS30) or 5 watts (SPS300).
  • Provides balanced or unbalanced input for paging or background music.

Power Supply:

  • 12 VAC via a 12 watt UL/cUL-rated wall mounted modular power supply.
  • 6ft. power cord supplied in standard configuration.

Installation & Interconnection:

  • Emitters are plug & play with pre-terminated, industry standard RJ-45 connectors and are daisy-chained together with CAT 3, plenum-rated cables.
  • Any required long home-run cables are easily made on site.
  • Emitters fit any ceiling tile from 1/2" to 1 1/2" thick. For ceiling tile installation, the required drill saw is included.
  • Installed on a simple grid pattern; the grid dimension depends on ceiling height; a typical 9 ft. ceiling is installed on a 10 by 10 ft. grid.


  • Privacy Standards: In open office environments, Oasis Qt™ meets ASTM E1130 standards for "Normal Acoustic Privacy" at up to 3 dBA lower noise levels than competing systems.

Standard Components:

  • Oasis Qt™ Emitter Kit—each kit includes four (4), multi channel emitters with pre-wired RJ-45 connectors and four (4) 16-ft. plenum rated CAT 3 cables; each emitter covers 100 square feet or more in typical offices. Since the cable used are standard CAT 3 plenum-rated, additional cables can be easily made or configured on site.
  • Oasis Qt SPS-30™—each control module can support up to 30 emitters, covering spaces up to 3,000 square feet or more.
  • Oasis Qt SPS-300™—each control module can support up to 300 emitters, covering spaces up to 30,000 square feet or more.
  • Wireless remote for controlling system muting or volume (8 available adjustments from low, 36dBA to high, 57dBA).
  • Power supply: 12 VAC via a 12 watt UL/cUL-rated wall mounted modular power supply.


  • Standard emitters and control modules are off-white, but can be painted custom colors.
  • "Smart" emitters automatically select among four distribution channels to eliminate acoustical interference effects.

Product Variations:

  • Standard emitters and control modules are off-white, but can be painted custom colors.
  • Ceiling-tile type mount is the most typical installation. However, emitters can be installed in optional enclosures for attachment to beams, lighting fixtures, plasterboard, metal or wood ceilings, or even designed into furniture or other office partitions.

Scalability, Coverage and Configuration:

  • A single zone can range from less than 50 square feet to 30,000 sq. ft. or more.
  • Multiple zones can be created for flexibility, control and expansion.
  • Any space can be expanded up to the capacity of the control module, at any time, by adding more emitters.
  • Individual power supply for each control module.
  • Emitters do not require a separate power supply: all NEC class 2 distribution cabling can be installed by low voltage installers.


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