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GOLDLINE® SOUND BARRIER – Sound Absorber for AIRBORNE and IMPACT Sound Control is made from 100% Polyester Fibers with sound-absorbing power and thermal insulation character. It is a very fine quality Next Generation Technological GREEN Product Designed to achieve excellent Noise Control Levels / Acoustic Comforts and Thermal Insulation

Characteristics of SOUND BARRIER

  1. 100% Polyester - Highly Compressed – Needle Punched
  2. Medium Density
  3. Excellent Acoustic Performance
  4. Sound Reverberation Control / Noise Reduction
  5. GREEN PRODUCT– Environment Friendly and Health Wise. Non - Irritant, Non Allergenic, Fire Rated,
  6. Performs as High Rated Sound and Thermal Insulation
  7. Can be installed in any System
  8. Safe, easy for handling and installing
  9. Excellent in tensile strength and coherence
  10. 100% recycling and incineration envirionmently friendly
  11. No poisonous factors to human body during the lifetime.
  12. No poisonous gas emission in combustion

(1) Environment friendly and harmless to human body
Removing harmful environment elements as substitute materials for plaster board, glass fiber panel, there are no weathering and no dust happening like scattering.

(2) Soundproof, Thermal Insulation, Softness and Light Weight
Having tensile strength and softness simultaneously consisting of three-dimensional network through the self-fusion of cellulose (polyester), having soundproof, thermal insulation and light weight with having pores connected inside.

(3) Burning and humidity safety
The low melting point ingredients of polyester melting in a low temperature in a fire Prevents the progress of flames with covering flames and the poisonous gas doesn't happen in combustion. It is a flame retardant material.

(4) Convenient and economical installation
The convenience of execution is excellent because it is cut off by cutter and flexible, installation period can be reduced because the finish progress of work can be removed, and reduction of material price and installation price can be made easy through direct applying to the cementitous wall, concrete slab, building sound isolation wall and ceiling systems, sandwich panels, acoustic underlayment for hard & soft floors and multi installations.

(5) The excellence in comparison with the other materials
Having soundproof, thermal insulation, softness, light weight, difficulty of combustion, safety of humidity and safety of environment simultaneously in comparison with Styrofoam, MDF, veneer board, plaster board and others. Suitable for Noise reductions in life environment and because of special characteristic of finishing materials with 45% soundproof rate simultaneously it is the suitable product for multi applications.

-  Energy: With excellent thermal insulation as certified, thermal efficiency is excellent. Because the safety of humidity being native to polyester fiber is excellent, let it not only drain (humidity rate 0.07%) but also maintain original intensity after the drainage.

  1. Free Cutting: With harmlessness to human health as perfect (100%) polyester and the easiness of dealing and handling, the term of works is reduced and various curved surface works can be performed.
    - Sound Absorption: Excellent Airborne and Impact soundproofing as certified.
    - Free Painting: With surface works, painting, wall paper, wall coverings, digitally printed skins and various fabrics finishing touches are performed.

The use of products
- The keeping warmth of light weight partition, sound absorption insulating material (indoors finishing touches material) Sound Absorption Ceiling Systems, Sound Liner, Sound Absorption Ceiling Overlayment, Acoustic Underlayment for hard and soft floors, ceiling, isolation wall systems and multi-applications
- Construction, industrial heat equipments (tank, ducts, electronic products etc.) keeping warmth sound absorption insulating materials
- insulation of sound in the machine room, sound arresting equipment materials.

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Case Study
Globe Bank of America

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