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GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel Systems are high specification acoustic panel systems. These are the most popular aesthetic sound absorbing panels. They are durable, fire rated, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance.

GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel Systems are the decorative solution to your sound controlling needs. Our one single most successful achievement is our ability to integrate the Highest Standard of Fine Interior Finishing into the Acoustic requirement.

The panel systems are used extensively to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls, auditoriums, theaters, cinemas, multi media presentation rooms, shopping malls foyers, hotels, restaurant, lobbies, lounges, music rooms, night clubs, entertainment facilities, control rooms, gymnasiums, sports facilities, mosques, residential & commercial facilities, offices, open space-plan offices, call centers, conference suites, board rooms, studios, interview rooms and into all functional environments.

A high tech product for ACOUSTICS CONTROL - A complete and unique solution to acoustic controlling problems that reduces/cut down reflected and reverberated noise by optimum 90% Noise Reduction Co-efficient of 0.90 (NRC 0.90) Fine Quality Fabric Texture Finish in many colors with the versatility to create allots of designs and architectural shapes n forms. Excellent Acoustic Performance, Totally Hygienic, Non- Asthmatic, Non Irritant, Non-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, Odor Free, No Protective Clothing Required, Fire Resistant and Non-Fade, Insects and Mildew Resistant, Maintenance Free, Totally Safe & Clean to Handle, Velcro Compatible, Non-fray edges, Long Life, and Conforms to International Building Codes.

Applications : GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel Systems are used to reduce reverberant noise levels in buildings such as auditoriums, cinemas, shopping malls foyers, hotels, lobbies, restaurants, music rooms, night clubs, control rooms, sports facilities, mosques, residential & commercial facilities, offices, call centers, conference suites, studios and others.

GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panels transform a stark, echoing area into a warm, quieter, congenial functional environment.
GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panels are pre-decorated and therefore they decorate and solve the acoustics in one operation. (If required, display posters can be pinned to panels.)

Manufacture: GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel Systems are constructed from High Quality Polyester Fibers needle punched and thermally bonded in a non-woven matrix by hi-tech process. Semi Rigid specifically tooled and manufactured for maximum sound absorption.

The panels have multi material finishes ranging from polyester to wood n metal, these are also fabric and velour finished hence forming acoustic panel system which are decorative, durable and resistant to mild impacts.

Available in 12mm, 15mm, 25mm and 30mm thickness

Finishes: Made from 100% polyester fibers, silk, cotton, wool and other natural and manmade fibers decorative wall coverings and fabrics in fine quality plain, velour and texture finishes and are hook and loop receptive, also pin and staple receptive, eliminating unsightly pin holes in the wall.

Finishes are available and customize in various fashionable colors & textures, offering complete design freedom to complement any decor.

Polyester fibers are safe, non toxic, recyclable, environmentally friendly and highly resistant to fading. All Finishes are also stain and moisture resistant which means they won’t rot or breakdown, providing years of good looks and service.

100% Polyester, Trevira CS Yarn Dyed and 100% Cotton.

Tests: Abrasion: Approx. 45,000 Rubs acc. to the Martindale method, EN ISO 12947: 1999 Light Fastness: (ISO) min. 5 Pilling: (SN) 5 Fastness to Rubbing (ISO): Dry 4, wet 5.

Customer’s individual fabrics can be use if suitable.

Wood veneers, Metal and Paint textures.

GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel System This panel has no visible fixing sections on any of the four sides of the panel. The panel is semi rigid on all sides with the fabric bonded to the face, all four sides and wrapped to the rear.  Wood veneer lamination, Metal & Paint textures are adhered. This results in a beautiful individual slab panels that can be use in single units or joint together to other panels or with shadow gaps as a design feature.

Acoustically tested in accordance with AS 1045-1988 and ASTM C423-90A.
GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panels have been tested to a NOISE REDUCTION COEFFICIENT (NRC) of 0.90 and typically reduces reverberated noise by approximately 90%.

Fire Safety : GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel System has been Tested as per ASTM E 84
The Flame Spread Index and Smoke Developed Index values obtained by ASTM E 84 Test are frequently used by code officials and regulatory agencies in the acceptance of interior finish materials for various applications. The most widely accepted classification system is described in the National Fire Protection Association publication NFPA 101 Life Safety Code,

Finishes Fire Rated as:
BS476: Part 5: Class P, Part 6 and Part 7: Class 1Y
BS EN 1021 - 1:1994 (cigarette)
BS EN 1021 – 2:2006 (match)
BS 7176: 1995 Low Hazard
BS 476: Part 7: Class 1

Class 0 fire rated fabric finishes are also available on request.
Available Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 25mm and 30mm
Cutting GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panels can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife.
Fabric Maintenance Fabric coverings can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and vacuumed or brushed periodically.

Guide Specifications
- General
1. All GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panels should be install in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
2. All necessary hardware and accessories for a complete job installation are to be furnished by the contractor.
3. Installation of panels shall not begin until all wet work, such as plastering, concrete etc. is completely dry. The panels are designed for storage and installation under standard occupancy conditions from 10° C to 30° C and not more than 75% R.H in an enclosed building.
4. The contractor shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance of all surfaces and conditions prior to the acoustical panel installation. 

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Areas of Application A few of the areas of application of GOLDLINE® Sound Absorption Panel Systems:

•Music Rooms
•Sports Halls
•Night clubs
•Lecture Rooms
•Shopping Malls Foyers
•Control Rooms  

•Call Centers
•Conference Rooms
•Health Care Centers
•Computer Rooms
•Construction Sites
•Training Rooms
•Hotel, Reception Lobby & Lounges
•Multimedia Presentation Rooms

•Standard Colors Range
•Wood Veneer Finhes
•Metal Finish



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